CAR offers it's members an electronic lockbox service offered through Sentrilock. Sentrilock offers a wide variety of services available to you as a member of CAR including My Showings showing suite, training videos on and email or text message reminders. Log into Sentrilock to find the many other features and services available to you.

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Broker Sharing of Lockboxes

When a Brokers owns lockboxes, they can have a feature enabled called “broker sharing” which allows the agents in their office to release the shackle of lockboxes which they own.

If this is enabled, all agents with that Broker will be able to release the shackle of any of the boxes unless an agent borrows the lockbox in the following way.

123 method when placing a lockbox on a property(instructions are listed on the back of their card. For this process the agent wants to keep the SentriCard in the lockbox for the entire time.

  1. Insert SentriCard and wait for the CODE light.
  2. Type in your 4 digit Pin then press ENTER. You should now receive a green READY light.
  3. Press FUNCTION + 1 + ENTER. You’ll hear a series of 5 triple beats, followed by a motor noise. Once the motor noise stops a green READY light will illuminate. Release the shackle.
  4. A red DND light will appear while the motor is retracting, once the DND light goes off the READY light will appear. You may insert the shackle back into the lockbox while hanging the box on the door at this time.
  5. Press FUNCTION + 2 + the MLS number or Street Address number + Enter. You will receive a green READY light at this time. This will Borrow the lockbox ensuring only the agent and broker can release the shackle of the lockbox, and assign the box to that listing. If the MLS or street address has a letter in it, just ignore it.
  6. Press FUNCTION + 3 + ENTER . This will open the key compartment to drop the key in. Close the door and remove your SentriCard.

If the agent follows these steps, they will have successfully borrowed the lockbox, assigned the lockbox, and have the lockbox on the listing door while the key is in the box. For reference, here is a YouTube video.

The borrow feature is done so when an agent assigns a lockbox to a listing using the Function 2 feature. Once a lockbox is borrowed, only the broker and the agent borrowing the lockbox will be able to release the shackle. If the lockbox is removed using the Function 2, it will go back into broker inventory and anyone can release the shackle unless it is borrowed using the steps above.


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